Yo! Liberals!

You Call This Progress?

Crime, Race, Sex, Faith, Law and the Culture War

by Karl Spence

“One can imagine living in a society in which the shared values of the people, reinforced by the operation of religious, educational, and communal organizations concerned with character formation, would produce a citizenry less criminal than ours is now without diminishing to any significant degree the political liberties we cherish. Indeed, we can do more than imagine it; we can recall it.”    

James Q. Wilson



1. Crime and the Culture War
            Kitty Genovese died while her neighbors did nothing — and they're not the only ones
                    ● Taiwan’s Crime Wave

2. Pity and Pride
            Death penalty “barbarians” are in good company

3. Enslaved by Rogues
            Law and order isn’t “blather” to everybody

4. Fair or Foul?
            Exclusionary rule hurts the innocent by protecting the guilty

5. Taking the Fifth
            Liberals ignore strong indications that Miranda ruling was big mistake

6. Miranda v. Atlanta
            Here’s another installment in the price we pay for the Warren Revolution

7. Not Counted
            Victims’ sufferings don’t figure in the calculations of death row activists

8. Deadly Mercy
            Crusaders against capital punishment are killing people with kindness

9. Deterrence With a Vengeance
            American history disproves the idea that criminals can’t be cowed
                    ● The Goodwife’s Tale

10. Silly Notion
            In America’s war on crime, an obvious weapon is rarely used

11. The Price We Pay
            Victims’ blood bears out dissenter’s warnings


12. Let’s Get One Thing Straight
            Crime doesn’t pit black against white

13. Easy Money
            Brinks truck free-for-all shows that liberalism’s legacy lives on

14. Between Devils and Angels
            Concerning North and South, the saying “It’s not all black and white” applies

15. Founding Fathead?
            It’s up to us to prove Jefferson wrong about race
                    ● Outlaws?


16. The Acid Test
            We haven’t yet answered abortion’s challenge
                    ● A Tiny Tap-Dancer

17. Ground Zero
            Who is less than a person isn’t for us to say

18. They Don’t Know Beans
            Liberal ideologues turn statistics into silly putty

19. Love Stories
            Twin beds weren’t the hallmark of pre-sleaze Hollywood
                    ● Hollywood’s Pied Pipers
                    ● In the Family Way


20. Nuttiness to the North
            Some folks love nothing better than raising Cain

21. Read the Instructions
            Each Christian is to turn the other cheek, but none can turn his neighbor’s
                    ● The True Justice

22. School and the Slaughterhouse
            The “monkey trial” pitted two recipes for progress against each other. Which tastes best?

23. A Nation Under God
            “Moral precepts of Jesus” aren’t unconstitutional

24. Players’ Prayers
            Texans bow to the rule of law — or is it to a bait and switch?


25. Whose Constitution?
            The law of the land isn’t what today’s judges say it is

26. Impeachment
            “Yahoo” remedy was instituted to ensure judicial responsibility

27. America Incorporated
            Mutant judicial doctrine has taken power out of the people’s hands
                    ● Taking an Ax to Federalism

28. Marbury and McCulloch
            Was John Marshall the first judicial activist?

29. Living a Lie
            Americans used to argue over the Constitution’s true meaning. Now we discard it
                    ● ‘Which Is To Be Master?

30. The Gordian Knot
            Constitutional purists “can’t get there from here” — or can we?

31. Turning Back the Clock
            Aging left-wingers don’t want it, but it’s high time we corrected their mistakes


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