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This site is dedicated, first, to seeing the great American crime wave we have been suffering these 40 years pass into history, and indeed to seeing the phrase “Great Crime Wave” go into the history books alongside “Great Depression.” Why so? Because we’ve had it that bad. Between 1960 and 1991, the U.S. murder rate doubled. The rate of major crimes against property tripled. The rates of robbery and forcible rape more than quadrupled, and that of aggravated assault more than quintupled. Even after receding from its crest of the early ’90s, crime in the United States remains, per capita, almost twice what it was two generations ago. In our time, crime has killed more Americans than died in World War II. Its toll dwarfs that of 9/11 — it even dwarfs that of the terrible Indian Ocean tsunami.
America’s crime tsunami didn’t have to happen, nor does it need to continue. The Great Crime Wave can be crushed.
With a view to that end, this site advocates the return of  “the Constitution in exile,” as some have dubbed it, through the adoption of a constitutional amendment mandating what Chief Justice John Marshall called a “fair construction” of that instrument. We thus can regain our former crime-fighting capabilities, and a great deal else as well.
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The case for a Fair Construction Amendment is set forth in Yo! Liberals! You Call This Progress?  Available at Amazon.com or directly from 

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